Val and Charlie play together, day 5

Val and Charlie play together, day 5

Val is definitely on the upswing now. On Saturday, they moved us from the labor room where nurses came in every 10 minutes to the mother/baby room where nurses come in every three hours.  The room is smaller, but I don’t think they would have ever let us out of the hospital if we stayed in the labor and delivery unit.

Today they unplugged the IV from Val’s arm. The whole arm is bruised; having low platelet counts tends to produce pretty patterns on her arm in the form of giant bruises. She’s still at risk for her high blood pressure, which is why we’re still in the hospital. We were hoping they’d let us out of the hospital today; the doctor put the kabash on that idea.

So now we’re hoping for a Monday discharge. If they don’t let us out, I’ll be plotting our escape. Perhaps they won’t notice that a dozen bedsheets have gone missing.

Cooped up and ready to go!

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