June, 2009 Archives


Charlie James is 4 months old, and man, are we happy with him! He’s been a fantastic kid so far … he’s sleeping through the nights now (as of three weeks ago), he laughs, he chatters to us when he’s happy and he tracks you with his eyes and moves his head when he sees motion. He also loves baths, which is a good thing because he likes producing massive diaper blowouts which make those baths a prerequisite every so often. The soiled clothes for the evening are now soaking in the laundry room, and Charlie smells like baby shampoo. He’s sleeping now in his basinette … he’s been out since about 9 p.m. He may wake up once for a feeding or he may just sleep straight through … but in any case it’s better than 1 or 2 months ago, when he’d wake up at 2 a.m. and want to play.

Everything else in life is going nicely. Val and I still love the church we’re going to, Val will be done with teaching for the year in another week, I take the bar at the end of July and am finding some decent leads for that first post-law school job. Our new dog Flip is finally starting to adjust to life with the Reinhards, and I decided last week I like him after all (it’s a struggle taking in a 5-year-old dog with bad habits when you’re used to a perfect dog you’ve had for 6 years.) I gave him a haircut this week and he lost about 10 pounds in the process, I think.

I’ll try to put up more Charlie pictures later. The one up top is from tonight’s bath-in-the-sink. (Not that there’s any other kind in CharlieWorld.)